Yapahuwa Fort

Yapahuwa Fort

Yapahuwa Kingdom is located about 03 miles east of Mahawa town in the Mahawa Divisional Secretariat Division of the Kurunegala District of the North Western Province,Sri Lanka.

Archaeologically significant Yapahuwa became more popular in the history of Sri Lanka after being selected as a 13th century kingdom. Furthermore, evidence of human activity has been found in Yapahuwa since prehistoric times. Yapahuwa Fort

With the fall of the Rajarata Kingdom in the face of Magha’s invasion in 1215, the kingdoms gradually migrated to the southwest and local rulers came to power in an unstable political background.

According to the Mahavamsa, during this period the auspicious general built a fort at Yapahuwa and took control.

Later, with the decline of the Dambadeniya Kingdom, King Buwanekabahu I (1272 – 1284 AD) used the Yapahuwa Kingdom as the capital of the island for 12 years.

Later, in the late 13th century, Yapahuwa became an uninhabited city after the collapse of the Yapahuwa Kingdom in the face of Pandyan invasions.

Back in the Kandyan period, King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe converted Yapahuwa into a temple.

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