Yahangala is located southeast of Knuckles. This Yahangala is called Yahangala because it looks like a bed. Yahangala literally means a mountain that can be clearly seen in the distance as a bed. This is also a mountain peak.Yahangala

Yahangala is left as a mountain at an altitude of about 1100 meters. The upper part of the Yahangala rock was about two or three acres. The whole mountain was an open area to the air. In addition to the rock formations, Lakegala, Dumbanagala Kanda, Meemure, Garadigala, and Medamahanuwara Kanda are also very beautiful.

This Yahangala climb is challenging and also amazingly scenic. Geographically this rock can be seen on three sides from a distance of miles. This rock is not a place to be ridiculed, and it is not an easy journey at all. This mountain is also considered a place dedicated to the god Gale Bandara. Yahangala is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists. Today, Yahangala is one of the most popular and famous destinations among mountaineers and campers.Yahangala

If you are going to cross this Yahangala, it requires good preparation. This Yahangala is also very special for cave exploration. It is a good idea to go up this Yahangala with all the food and drink you need.

It is believed that King Rawana hid Goddess Sita on this Yahangala mountain. It is also said that the legend of Yahangala is that the unconscious body of King Ravana was buried in the Yahangala.

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