Visari Falls

Visari Falls – It is located in the village of Kurugama. This waterfall is called Visari Falls. It is named after the famous saree.

There are no words to express the thoughts you feel as you follow the footprint. It’s so beautiful. It is only when it rains that the beauty of the falls can be so beautiful.

We came across this beautiful waterfall only after a somewhat rough and scenic journey of about 5 kilometers from the Ella-Wellawaya road.visari falls

Get out of the vehicle and go half a kilometer …

There is also a viewing platform. Depending on the water condition of the falls, you can try to jump to the stone and get to the bottom of the falls. The road up to the Ella is marked with boards.

This is the place where one can stay for two nights.
Anyway, if you think there’s no place to go for a weekend getaway, come and enjoy the beauty of this falls.
Another thing to consider is the study of endangered fish and animals.

But it is our duty to take care of our environment wherever we go because we must leave something for the future generation to enjoy the beauty of our country.

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