Thambadola Falls

Thambadola Falls, A hundred years ago, a German company called Boudenberg, which had discovered the world’s finest graphite, started an “Ovita” large-scale graphite mine in Ratmale village, Meegahatenna, with 99% carbon-rich graphite. The mine is a well-known graphite mine, which has about 350 workers, with a dhoana system that extends 500 feet below the ground level. But the onset of World War I caused a bad decade for German companies. As a result, the mine went down in 1918 forever.Thambadola Falls

Because of the huge scattered graphite of the mine, the owl at that time looked like silver. As such, the villagers of this village have been called “silver ovita”. Silver has become “silver” for later use. The mine is famous all over the world, but it is hard to find any trace of it today. Little did the young people know that there was a mine in the village when a few of the elders of the village opened. Today, the whole area is covered with jungle and a beautiful ecosystem has been created.

This silver, which was famous for graphite over a century ago, is now popular all over the world. Not because of graphite, but because of the famous “Thambadola Falls” known as “Ridiwita Ella” which attracted both local and foreign tourists. Though famous as a single fall, it is a beautiful ecosystem with two waterfalls and two natural water pools and a beautiful pine forest.
To get to this beautiful place in the Polgampala Ratmale in the Agalawatta Divisional Secretariat of the Kalutara District, you need to come to Polgampala via Bellana, Agalawatta on the Matugama Ratnapura Road. Polgampala Junction is one of the oldest shops in the area. You can reach the Tambadola Falls by turning around from Polgampalin and coming about two and a half kilometers along the Maddekanda Ratmale Road. If one is traveling on the Southern Expressway, turn right at the Welipenna Entrance towards Matugama, turn left at Horawala Junction, Meegahathenna, Walallawita Road and turn right at Moragala Junction to Polgampala.

Thambadola FallsThe Thundola Aranya situated on the top of a hill in Ratmale is named after the two streams that flow into a single stream. The stream flows down the middle of the forest, creating two beautiful waterfalls. It is covered in a beautiful forest, covered with a forested forest.
The first waterfall is Thambadola Ella. This is a small waterfall about four meters high. Due to the large pool of water that falls from this waterfall, the waterfalls to the falls. The waterfall is completely covered with a grove, but at noon the falls are somewhat dark. As a result, there are many myths surrounding this waterfall. There is a belief among the villagers that a king who ruled this place in the past has treasured the jewelry within this falls. There is also talk that a “sword-bearer” wearing a gold ring lives in this waterfall. Even then, there are people who claim to have seen them, but no one has come up with enough evidence. There is a common belief that this treasure will eventually kill someone. The reason for this is that the few people who cannot afford to drink alcohol have to lose their lives in this manner.

After crossing the Thambadola Falls, 200 meters up you will encounter the other steel-made waterfall. Though the falls are generally referred to as the Ridiwita Ella, in the books, this falls is named as “Julie Ella”. The waterfall, which is about 5 meters high, has a natural water pool. Surrounding this falls is a natural forest. You can see a lot of wildflowers in this area. Because of this, you can see many butterfly species in the area. The stream around the falls is made up of a very large stone pillar and the visitor gets a wonderful opportunity to rest and relax on a rock in the middle of a stream.Thambadola Falls

From the main entrance to the falls, you have to get to the top and follow in the footsteps of a beautiful pine forest. Otherwise, there is a rare opportunity to come along the Dola road from the place of access to the falls. The stream is made of small smooth rocks. So you can jump over these rocks and climb up the Dola Road, hidden in a grove. This is the only place in our country where you can experience such beauty.

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