Sinharaja Forest

Sinharaja Forest – According to folklore, the lion lived in the Sinhagala area, and the forest dominated by the lion. Legend has it that a lion, believed to be the originator of the Sinhala race, was inhabited. Legend has it that the dynasty of the Sinhalese or the royal forest of the Sinhalese kings was born.Sinharaja Forest

The Sinharaja Forest is a world-class ecosystem, spread over 11,187 hectares (23,000 acres) in the three districts of Galle, Matara, and Ratnapura in the Wet Zone. Sinharaja Forest Conservation Forest on May 21, 1926, Was named. But that nomenclature was abolished in 1936. In 1975 Sinharaja Forest was declared as a protected area under the biosphere and in 1978 as an International Man and Biosphere Reserve. The Sinharaja was declared a protected forest in 1977 by the Government of Sri Lanka, and in 1989 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Sinharaja forest is a rainforest with rainfall from both the Southwest and Northeast monsoons. But the forest receives the most rainfall from the southwest (May-September) monsoon. Its average rainfall is about 3000-6000mm. The minimum rainfall is about 50mm.

There are four ways for people to enter the open area to visit the Sinharaja. It can be reached via Kalawana x Weddagala road, Rakwana x Morning Said road, Hiniduma x Neluwa road, and Deniyaya x Pallegama road. These areas are not allowed to enter without a guide from the Forest Department.

Sinharaja Forest
The Sinharaja, Sabaragamuwa, and Southern Provinces, which are 300 meters above sea level, are spread over the slopes and valleys of the Rakwana Range. There are seven mountains over 600 meters. Hinipitigala (1168 m), Thibbothagala (904 m), Kosgulana (797 m), Dothalugala (769 m), Mulawella (742 m), Sinhagala (742 m), Patinigala (742 m). 605 m). The highest point is the Hinipitigala (Western) Mountains. It is 1170 meters above sea level. The minimum height is 90 m

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Sinharaja Rain Forest

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