Kingdom of Seethawaka

Seethawaka Kingdom – With the division of the Kingdom of Kotte in 1521, the Kingdom of Seethawaka was born. The territorial kingdoms of Kotte were formed under Buwanekabahu, Kotte under Raigama Bandara, Raigama under Mayadunne and Seethawaka under Mayadunne. King Mayadunne would have chosen this area as his capital because it was an important area economically and socially and a safe haven for the Seethawaka River, Kelani River, and the Gathata Oya. C. The. Between 1521 and 1593, the two sons Mayadunne and Rajasinghe ruled the country centered on Seethawaka.

During the reign of King Mayadunne and Rajasingha, he had to fight the rising enemy forces. Therefore, the Portuguese had to wage war against the local challenges posed by the Kotte and the Kandyan peoples. The two rulers of Seethawaka had no choice but to fight the enemy. Therefore, it was no time for the King to work on new constructions, patronage of religion, etc. But there are some evidences of the creations made when the opportunity arises. But many of these structures have been left unidentified.
The Seethawaka Palace is located on the site of the present Sabaragamuwa Provincial Archaeological Office. It is believed that the ruins of this five-acre land called Maniyagama, Bandarawatta and Maligawatta are in the palace of King Mayadunna. The palace has natural protection from the Gittathi Oya, Seethawaka River, Ritigaha Oya and the Balum Rock Mountains. This meant that the Seethawaka kings, who were constantly facing hostilities, did not even have time to build a permanent stronghold. A report from Queros states that a group from Goa raided Seethawaka and looted the royal palace. This could have led to hostilities being destroyed as well.Kingdom of Seethawaka

The Barandi Kovil of the Seethawaka Thalduwa is an important place among the ruins of the Seethawaka period. The three-storeyed structure is a magnificent piece of Indian architecture. King Seethawaka Rajasinghe has received two advices from Perumal. That is, the drowning of 120 Buddhist monks and the construction of a temple in her name as a sacrifice to the demon Brady. The Brady Kovil which was built by King Rajasingha on the instructions of King Ariguru, is considered by many to be the Barandi Kovil today. But to accept it

In the book of Queros no, the Barandi temple was built in the time of the king. Thus it is clear that the original construction of this temple was done by King Mayadunne and after the Portuguese destroyed the temple, King Rajasinghe renovated it.
Among the sculptures of the temple is a lotus-shaped waterfall with an important design. It is made of a single stone and is made of a knife to flow milk and water used to lure the Shiva Linga in the center of the Vimana. There are three Punkalus. They are used for watchtowers. There are also frescoes and carvings on the walls. The Barandi Kovil is one of the heritage of Seethawaka.
King’s wedding garden known as “Pethangoda Uyana” is situated in Ruwanwella, not far from Avissawella. Presently, only the thorny bamboo remains of the place remain. It was in this Pethangoda garden that King Ranasinghe Rajasinghe was killed.

This species of thorny bamboo can not be found anywhere else. It is believed that this type of fever is present in India and that it could have been brought to Sri Lanka on the advice of Artigucki Vendu Perumal, a prominent figure who was the pioneer of the Seethawaka Rajasinghe Rajya Sabha.
Various scholars have expressed various views on the burial of King Rajasinghe, who died of a fever in the garden of Pethangoda. It is said that the king died at the place called ‘Chick-egg Wella’ and the royal men decided to take the last rites without touching the body of the king. But sources such as the Alakeshwara War, the Maniyagama leaflet and the Kuto’s records say that the funeral of the king’s body was carried out in Sitawaka with state honors. Accordingly, the famous monument known as the Rajasinha Tomb at Giguramodara was built by King Wimaladharmasuriya I, the son of Weerasundara Bandara to commemorate the place where he died. Today there are several tall, irregularly placed stone pillars that can be seen at this site.Kingdom of Seethawaka

In addition, archaeological evidence of this period can be seen in many places such as Iddamalgoda Palace, Raigama Palace, Irahanda Panagala, Peladanuwara, Weherakadagala, Kanamadiriwala and Galpallama.
In the Seethawaka period, there is a need to study the lifestyle and livelihood of the people in this area. There is evidence of a poultry and bamboo factory in the Walawatta area near Seethawaka Palace. Also, the area where the factory was built and the factory where the weapons were used for the war, the people who lived in the factory, the percussionists, the drummers, the dynasty and the Vedas are now living in the area. There is also evidence of an advanced river, stream and stream transport system in the area. Accordingly, Kelani Ganga, Seethawaka Ganga, and Gedahetti Oya have been utilized. These include two berths recovered from Hanwella and a metal buoy found in the Ranwala area. Accordingly, the Colombo-Katunayake river could have been transported to Colombo via Seethawaka.

The lower part of the Kelani River was very important to King Rajasingha during his campaigns. The Portuguese were not allowed to cross the Kelani River. The Kelani River was useful in battles such as attacking Colombo Fort and restricting Portuguese to Fort. King Rajasinghe was well-organized to attack the boats along the Kelani River.
From the foregoing, it is clear that the area around Seethawaka has archaeological heritage from prehistoric times to recent times. But unfortunately, these obscure artifacts are in danger of extinction due to lack of proper attention. The main reason for the destruction is the lack of knowledge about archeology. Proper exploration, excavation, and conservation of the Seethawaka heritage should be maintained with the attention of the authorities.
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