Ruwanwelisaya (Ruwanweliseya)

Ruwanwelisaya (Ruwanweliseya) is a stupa in Sri Lanka, considered a marvel for its architectural qualities and sacred to many Buddhists all over the world and is 300 feet high and 950 feet in diameter. This is one of the tallest monuments in the world today. It is a stupa that has been revered by Buddhists all over the world for its architectural qualities and wonders.

Ruwanwelisaya or Ruwanweli Dagaba is a physical temple located in Sri Lanka. This was the main dagoba belonging to the ancient Maha Vihara. This stupa is one of the sixteen shrines (sixteen shrines) and the eight shrines (eight shrines in Anuradhapura).Ruwanweliseya

The relics treasured in the village of Ramagama were ordered to be deposited in the Ruwanweli Stupa as per the determination of the Buddha. King Dutugemunu, who organized an official ceremony to treasure the relics of the Great Stupa on the full moon day of the Esala, met the Sangha on the eve of the full moon day and asked them to bring the relics, reminding them that the relics were to be deposited the next day. Following the order of the Sangha, Arahant Southara carried the relics with him by the power of Srudhi.

King Dutugemunu then received the relics from the Sangha, placed them on his head in a gold casket, and departed from the golden pavilion amidst the reverence of the gods and goddesses of various deities and deities. When the relics box was placed on a silver couch facing the Buddha, by the determination of the Supreme Buddha, a statue of the Buddha emerged from the Lion Seya and all the relics were enshrined in the statue. When the relics were completed in the Ruwanweli Stupa, the Uththara and Sumana novices closed the relic chamber with a previously hidden stone cover for later use as a lid.

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