Rivarstan is a must-visit for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful ecosystem of Sri Lanka. The beauty of this place is that you only need to go at least once.
From Colombo via Laggala Pallegama via Rattota in Matale.Anyone from the city can come to Matale.Next, a person coming from Kurunegala via Colombo can go to Riverston through Naula, Dambulla, Kurunegala.Rivarstan

And you can come to Dambulla and go to Riverstone through the fountain in MadawalaRiverstone can be injected through Hasalaka Hettipola from Laggala Pallegama to an eighteen bend from Kandy And Riverstone can be injected from Kandy through Katugastota via Wattegama, Elkaduwa and Sembuwaththa. The Riverston, which belongs to the Laggala, Matale, is called the Kumunisa Riverstone, which lies on the same side as the fingers of a hand that was alienated by foreigners.Rivarstan

There are about 160 endemic flora and about 90 endemic species in the Dumbara Valley. Don’t forget to read about it too. Tourists can say that this is a wonderful ecosystem. And because of this mountainous environment, there’s a lot of wind. You have to walk 7 or 8 kilometers to get to the top of Riverstone. You can ride in your vehicle or on the Ilukkumbura public bus to Matale. It is best if you carry a jacket (if it is rain-resistant) and an umbrella to wear in the cold. Rubber slippers are better than closed shoes because the road to climb is not a steep slope. It is especially suited for the abundance of leeches. If it is difficult to travel, get down as much as possible so that the journey is easier. And don’t miss the polythene bottles that you carry. This is a world heritage.

Upon reaching Riverstone, you will finally reach Riverston Transmission Station. From there you can return. There is also the possibility of climbing to the other mountain on the left. The road is difficult, especially in the case of heavy rainy days.