Narangala Mountain

Narangala Mountain – Among the mountain ranges of the Uva Province, and it is second only to Namunukula mountain range in Sri Lanka. It is called Narangala from ancient times because of the shape of a hillock and which is 4540 feet high. Narangala Mountain

Historically, the area around the Mountain Range dates back to the Buddha‘s first visit to Sri Lanka. The first Buddha’s first visit to Mahiyanganaya was on the full moon (Duruthu Poya day), the ninth month of Enlightenment.

According to a popular legend among the people of Uva, the Buddha had come to Mahiyanganaya in order to place a sirpa on the Narangala mountain.

One of the implications of this story is that even before 2600 years of age, there was an agriculture-based lifestyle, economy and well-established settlement in the vicinity of the Narangala mountain range.

There’s another legend that he …
The next important information relating to the Narangala Mountain Range is the period when King Walagamba spent his entire reign in the mountains due to enemy invasion. It dates from 105 to 89 BC.

At that time King Walagamba and others who had sought refuge in the Bogoda Viharaya area on the right side of the Narangala Mountain Range had spent a lot of time there.

Narangala MountainMost of the important information about the Narangala Mountains was revealed during the Independence Movement in Kandy and Wellassa which spanned over a year from October 1817 to November 1818.
The cave group near the mountain range was instrumental in the training and gathering of troops and their protection during the 1817-18 independence struggle.

There are many ancient temples and antiquities found near the Narangala mountain range.
Narangala Mountain Zone is a beautiful ecological zone in the Badulla District, Haliela, Soranathota and Kandaketiya Divisional Secretariat areas.