Little Sinharajaya (alias Kanneliya)

Little Sinharajaya (Kanneliya) About 35 kilometers from Galle town you will find this Kanneliya jungle. The Kanneliya Forest is part of the Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya (KDN) Forest Complex.
The Kanneliya forest can be easily reached via the Koralegama – Kanneliya road. This road is a narrow road with vehicles passing the Udugama – Hiniduma main road. This road goes into the Kanneliya forest and ends in front of the main entrance near the Nannikita Canal.

Little Sinharaja
Kanneliya is one of the most valuable forest resources in South Asia. Hora caste can be identified as the dominant plant species in Kanneliya forest. Due to the large scale logging in the past, much of this forest is still secondary forest. 301 species of plants have been recorded from Kanneliya forest. These species include plants, shrubs, and plants, 25% of which are endemic to Sri Lanka.
The KDN forest is home to a wide variety of species and high endemic species, which are generally vulnerable to human influences, which are a combination of complex ecosystems. About 220 species of animals have been recorded from the KDN Forest Complex and other adjacent forests, 41 of which are endemic.

Here’s a break from what you can see in Kannellia
1.Anagimala Falls
2. Narangas Falls
3.Turuwana Dola Ella
4.Technical canal
5. Abandoned thin wooden corporation buildings
6. Durian
7. The milk cache
8. Giant new tree
9.Wallta Patta
10. Giant mold
11. The elephantLittle Sinharaja

A number of trails have been introduced for the jungle tour. It is as follows
Cave Trail: Distance 1.5 km – Duration 1 hour.
Anagimala Ella Trail: Distance 2.3 km – Duration – 3 hours.
Giant Pushwella Trail: Distance 2.3 km – Duration 3 hours.
Giant Nandagasaga Trail: Distance 5.2 km – Duration – 3 hours.
Narangas Ella Trail: Distance 5.2 km – Duration 06 hours.
Kabbale Mountain Trail: Distance 5.5 km – Duration 06 hours.
Tourists should visit this forest only under the guidance of a guide and obtain a ticket

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