Kawudulla National Park

Kaudulla National Park is the only national park in Sri Lanka that has been covered with water for almost a few months of the year. The main reason the park was named this was that Kaudulla Reservoir specializes in the ownership of a valuable resource. It also provides habitat for many species of animals, including elephants and crocodiles.
Kaudulla Reservoir, which is located in Kaudulla National Park, is an honored part of the aquatic civilization of Sri Lanka where the cultural heritage of the country’s agriculture and its natural resources are blended together. Legend has it that the Kaudulla reservoir, which has a capacity of 104,000-acre feet, was built in the 3rd century AD by a sister of King Mahasen.Kawudulla National Park

The reservoir has a large and widespread catchment area and helps to maintain a significant elephant population and rich biodiversity. Kaudulla National Park in North Central Province
Located in the Polonnaruwa District, it belongs to the Medirigiriya and Hingurakgoda Divisional Secretariats of the Sinhala Pattu. The mountain range, 60-500 m high, extending along the north and south, is adjacent to the western boundary of the park. Kaudulla reservoir and scrub jungles are situated east of the park and the Giant Canal flows from the southern boundary to the boundary of the Gus Kantale. Most of the rainfall comes from the northeast monsoon, which falls from November to February. Due to this, the dry season from April to October is dry.

Kaudulla National Park is located in the heart of the Dry Zone Elephants, which are the largest herds of elephants in the Dry Zone. Elephants are in good shape throughout the year, especially during the dry season.

Many species of herbivores such as floral, sow, spotted deer, deer, and wildflowers provide excellent habitat and food for the wet season. Rare species such as leopards and bears can be seen in the park.Kawudulla National Park
The Kawudulla reservoir and its adjacent wetlands provide a spectacular view, with crocodiles in the Kaudulla National Park easily located in this region. It attracts many species of birds, both domestic and foreign. The Diyakawa, Gray Cocca, Lutekia, and the Asian aperture are easily seen.
The Kaudulla National Park with a total of 6900 hectares is managed by the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Since it is a true heritage of Sri Lanka, it was declared a National Park on 1 April 2002 and is currently an important area of ​​the Sri Lanka Reserve. It was the primary intent of the conservation of its aromatics and ecological features.

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