Hambantota Bird Sanctuary

Hambantota Bird Sanctuary is the largest bird sanctuary in Asia as well as a research center. This zoo is a research laboratory for many university students studying zoology.

Scholars can observe many things such as animal behavior patterns, reproductive patterns and their eating patterns. Special facilities are also provided here.Hambantota Bird Sanctuary

Various types of vegetation and fruits are grown throughout the garden. Even inside the birdcages, a variety of fruit trees have been planted. The most common are dry weather-resistant guava trees.

Hambantota Bird SanctuaryIf you are leaving Colombo to visit the Bird Park, you can take the expressway to Matara. If you come from Matara and pass Hambantota town, turn left at Katuwawawewa junction and after 7km you can reach the bird sanctuary.

If you are going to Kataragama, there has never been a place in Hambantota where you can easily relax and visit. But now the Hambantota Bird Sanctuary is sure to be a great place to relax. So now there is an unprecedented Hambantota. The prices here are also reasonable.

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