Haggala Flower Garden

Haggala Flower Garden is one of our favorite places to visit in Nuwara Eliya. This flower garden has more history than we think …..Haggala Flower Garden
The Haggala Botanic Gardens was established in 1961. But the Haggala area has a history that goes back centuries to the time of King Rawana. It is said that King Ravana was a talented doctor and the king’s medicinal garden was in the vicinity of Haggala mountain. Historical information reveals that Sita Devi of the story of Rama was treated at the Haggala Drug Park for the treatment of her eye ailment which was concealed in a rock. The place where Sita was recovered from the disease is referred to as ‘Seetha Eliya’.Haggala Flower Garden
However, later in the year 1859, the Haggala had carried out research through the Peradeniya Royal Botanic Gardens to cultivate a plant called “quinoa” to produce quinoa, which is considered as a medicine for the eradication of malaria by the English. As a result, the cinchona planted in the Haggala Gardens in 1861 makes it a botanical garden. It is said that Haggala Botanic Gardens which was started by Cinchona cultivation has been a research center for coffee and tea plantations which are two major plantations in the country. Even though the coffee plantations of the garden were not performed, the 15-foot-tall tea tree we still see at the Haggala Botanic Gardens today.Haggala Flower Garden

The Haggala Botanic Gardens, located in the Haggala Range in the Nuwara Eliya and Badulla Districts, receives the North-East and South-West Monsoon Rainfall and the annual rainfall is about 2200 mm. The park receives rainfall of 210 days a year and the average temperature is between 3-15 degrees Celsius. This Haggala Botanical Garden has been established at the foot of the Haggala Range at an elevation of 2173 m. But today we have only 68 acres. There are about 20,000 plants in the park. There are 4143 endemic plants in Sri Lanka, 3107 endemic species in Sri Lanka and over 100 species of plants native to Haggala. Most of the trees in the park today are over 100 years old.
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