Gallways Land National Park

Gallways Land National Park is a small forest just north of Gregory Lake. When a national park is said, most people don’t know that there is such a one in Nuwara Eliya. Though not overly public, this little forest has the beauty of overcoming any park in Sri Lanka. There are two roads leading from the town; One is Havelock Road and the other is Upper Lake Road. (Most people know when we say Upper Lake Road) It is easier to get to Havelock Road than these two. You can come by car, but if you have time, the best way is to walk. It is then that the environment is much better than a car.Galway Land National Park

The main veil is only a little over 22 acres. The underplanting is widespread, as is the upper planting. The taller veil grows thicker so that the sun does not fall during the rainy season. As such it is a quiet and quiet place in the park even if it is just coming in the evening. About two kilometers down the trail, a forest passes through this forest. If you don’t stop to look around, you can get to that side in half an hour. Walking in the footsteps of this quiet, quiet, noisy environment is a bittersweet experience for nature lovers.
Walk along these paths and you will find a number of billboards with information about the animals you encounter along the way. Several endemic animals are also seen in the Galway’s Land Sanctuary.
Apart from a number of other birds, you can also see the Sri Lankan Ural Thracian, a bird native to our country.

Birds are a frequent sight, but they are rarely seen. Our guide told us not to give up hope. Most visitors to the park complain that no animals have been seen. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a number of wildlife species inside the park, but we only saw wild chicken, lizard, and mushroom. Some visitors to the park have seen large animals such as scorpions, deer and buffaloes. There are also small animals like rabbits and pheasants. Due to the frequent rainy weather and darkness, it is quite difficult to see the animals inside. If you go as a group, try not to make too much noise. Birds, however, can see plenty.Galway Land National Park
There is a footpath built of stone to walk.Galway’s Land is a very small forest reserve, not even the largest forest in the Nuwara Eliya area. But walking along the footpaths of this tranquil environment is a beautiful experience. Walking distance to the city, but most of the people are not coming.

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