Dumpus Falls

Dumpus Falls –  is another beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka and is the widest waterfall in the Ratnapura District. It is located on the Ratnapura Siripagama Road, 19 km from Ratnapura town, bordering the Induruwa Reserve.Dumpus Falls

Dumpus Falls The Indur River, which originates in the Western Ghats of Gilimale, is fed by a number of tributaries and is formed on the reef bordering the Induruwa Reserve. The Falls is about 6m high and 36m wide and it is the widest waterfall in the Ratnapura District.

Dumpus Falls is surrounded by a vast biodiversity system. It is home to a large number of endemic flora and fauna and the Induruwa Reserve that surrounds the Falls also adds to the beauty of the falls. Dumpus Falls, with its pristine waters, is a boon to nature.

To see the Falls you have to walk up to 300m along the Induru River from the main road. Dumpus Falls, which has high water content, is somewhat violent during the rainy season. Dumphus Falls, which is popular among tourists, is currently being polluted to a certain extent due to the fact that the garbage brought by tourists to visit the falls is dumped around the falls and the Induru reserve.

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